Our Story

Mobile Town Guide has been a product in the works for more then ten years. We build and continue to develop in order to provide a tool that allows communities and businesses to compete on a more level playing field against larger technology services.

Our hope is that each edition of Mobile Town Guide will provide opportunities for residents and visitors to explore their communities beyond just search engines and user reviews.

There is no "one way" to use this product. As community managers, it is your job to decide who to include and how to promote.

We hope you can take full advantage of the features we've created for you.

Our Values

It's important to stand for something and lead by positive example wherever possible.


It is through the understanding of our limitations combined with our lofty goals that we devoted our attention to being innovative in our software, our designs and our methods of problem-solving.


We are proud enough to put our name on every piece of work we produce. We are strong enough to invite criticism and question to every aspect of our business and our work. We are modest enough to admit our faults and shortcomings. We are smart enough to be honest and direct with every client we work with, even in the face of opposition.


We are a service-based busines that focuses on people and the trust they give us. It is through our constant attentiveness to and presence with our clients that we maintain that trust.


The passion to develop our skills, our technology and our lives. We do what we do because we love it. Developing our product is only second to meeting new and interesting people and helping them meet their goals with our skills.


As some of our clients will attest to, we do not give up when we encounter an obstacle. If there is one important thing that we have learned from building our business from the very bottom rung it is that nothing worthwhile has come without a battle.