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Directory Management

What is the timeline for creating a Guide?

From the time the MTG team has received all of your initial data, the web version can be available in 1-2 weeks. Apps will be available in 2-4 weeks pending Google and iTunes approval.

Who is responsible for the initial content input for a new Guide?

We will cover the initial setup of all of your data - overall design, directory categories, and directory listings.  If you have content you'd like to create pages from, we will assist with that as well.

Who is responsible for updating or adding new listings after the Guide launches?

Your designated manager will be responsible for keeping the Guide up to date after its launch. MTG staff will be on hand for guidance, training, and questions via phone or email during normal business hours.

Can businesses/organizations update their own profiles?

Yes. Your designated manager will be able to give directory listing access to individual business owners/representatives to update their own pages.

How soon will updates and new information be available in the Guide?

Immediately. All updates are in real time. As soon as information is saved by the Guide manager or business owner, it will be updated on the user platform.

Will we have access to analytics?

Yes. You will see how many people are using your platform and a breakdown of page visits.

Features & Pricing

Are there additional fees?

No. The setup fee and the monthly fee are the only costs you will ever pay.

What do the monthly fees cover?

Monthly fees pay for Guide hosting, customer support, services upkeep, and new features as they are developed.

What does it cost to add additional features?

Nothing, but with caveats. Features are regularly requested and added to the portal.  We do our best to accommodate all requests, however, not all requests will be added.

Can we sell upgraded profiles to businesses?

Yes. The Guide can be used as a revenue creator for your Downtown, Main Street, or Chamber organization. For example, a basic profile includes a business listing with image, description, and contact information. A full profile includes access to adding coupons/deals, news, events and photos.

Website & Apps

What is the difference between a Mobile App and a Mobile Web App?

A “mobile app” is downloaded to your phone or tablet and is built for a specific device type such as iPhone or Android. A “mobile web app” is a website that is built to display and work well on a mobile phone or tablet but can be accessed on any brand of device.

Will this replace our website?

No. This is an add-on service and is not intended to be used as the primary website.

Can this product be integrated into our current website?

Yes. Portions of your guide can be easily integrated into your existing website.

Is this product compatible with all mobile devices (Apple & Android)?

Yes. Tablets and phones of all make/brand can all use this product. Only Android and Apple can download the app, but all brands can access it via a custom URL for your community.

How do users download the app to their mobile device?

Via the AppStore or GooglePlay.

How do users access the guide on their desktop or laptop computers?

Via your current website and/or a custom URL (ie: myhartwell.com).

Will the mobile app need to be re-downloaded when there are updates?

No. Every downloaded version of the app will be up-to-date each time a user opens it. No new downloads are required.

Training &Support

What kind of training will our guide manager receive?

An MTG team member can provide a step by step demonstration of the back end platform.

How will my Guide manager be supported?

An MTG team member will be available via phone or email during our regular business hours (9 a.m.-5 pm., M-F) to answer questions and provide guidance.

Will we be notified of new features?

Yes. We will announce new features via the internal dashboard accessed by managers and every other month via newsletters.