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Northfield, Minnesota

Northfield, Minnesota

Best Known For:
Cows, College, and Contentment

Year Established: 1855

Population: 20,009

What is the most surprising fact about Northfield?

In the early days of Northfield’s history, it was home to over 6,000 head of Holstein cattle. Northfield was the Holstein capital of the world, and the breed standard – which is still used today – was developed here.

What is Northfield's biggest annual event?

The Defeat of Jesse James Days (DJJD). This festival is an annual heritage event which began in 1948 as the “Fall Festival” with Saturday’s theme being “Jesse James Day.”  It is held the weekend after Labor Day and is among the largest outdoor celebrations in Minnesota and is organized and managed by a true all-volunteer organization. Thousands of visitors witness reenactments of the robbery, which is staged on Division street, outside of the First National Bank of Northfield. Other activities during the festival include: a championship rodeo, carnival, car show, and parade, horseshoe hunt, as well as arts and crafts expositions, and musical performances. Many food stations are set up in Bridge Square, and during the evenings live music is played in a “Entertainment Center” on Water Street. Visit the DJJD website for more!

What should visitors discover about Northfield?

Northfield is more than you think. When you first get to town, you may think “oh! That’s a cute downtown!” or “Wow, Jesse James tried to rob their bank?” There are many hidden gems in this community. For instance, there are many, many art galleries, including both colleges, the senior center, the hospital, the city hall and privately owned. There are miles of bike and running trails throughout the city. Most nights of the week there is live music playing at some restaurant or bar.  Northfield has very unique shops and resturants in their historic downtown.

Famous Residents of Northfield:

Peter Agre (born January 30, 1949), Nobel laureate in chemistry

Adelbert Ames (October 31, 1835 – April 13, 1933), Civilian Governor of Mississippi during Reconstruction Era

Cyril Archibald (1837 – April 13, 1914), member of Canadian Parliament

Ian Barbour (October 5, 1923 – December 24, 2013), winner of 1999 Templeton Prize

Steven Brust (born November 23, 1955), author and musician

Lincoln Child (born 1957), author

F. Melius Christiansen (April 1, 1871 – June 1, 1955), pioneer of 'a cappella' choral music

Michael Dorris (January 30, 1945 – April 10, 1997), author

Corrie Erickson (born 1981), Artist

Joan N. Ericksen (born 1954), a Federal judge

Laurence McKinley Gould (August 22, 1896 – June 21, 1995), geologist, educator, polar explorer.

Joel Heatwole (August 22, 1856 – April 4, 1910), member of U.S. House of Representatives

Lucius Roy Holbrook (April 30, 1875 – October 19, 1952), U.S. Army major general

Alexandra Holden (born April 30, 1977), actress

Siri Hustvedt (born February 19, 1955), author, poet, and essayist

Karl Rolvaag (July 18, 1913 – December 20, 1990), governor of Minnesota

Ole Edvart Rølvaag (April 22, 1876 – November 5, 1931), author

Gilmore Schjeldahl (June 1, 1912 – March 10, 2002), inventor and entrepreneur

Peter Schjeldahl (born March 20, 1942), art critic and writer

Marilyn Sellars (born 1944), country music singer

Chad Setterstrom (born June 13, 1980), professional football player

Mark Setterstrom (born March 3, 1984), professional football player

Edward Sovik (June 9, 1918 - May 4, 2014), noted architect, liturgist

Steve Strachan (born January 26, 1965), Former Member of the Minnesota House of Representatives, Former Sheriff of King County, Washington

Edward John Thye (April 26, 1896 – August 28, 1969), governor of Minnesota, and U.S. Senator

Thorstein Veblen (July 30, 1857 - August 3, 1929), notable economist and sociologist

Paul Wellstone (July 21, 1944 – October 25, 2002), U.S. Senator

Jon Wee (born 1965?), professional juggler

Johnny Western (born October 28, 1934), singer-songwriter, actor, radio host

Charles Augustus Wheaton (July 1, 1809, - March 14, 1882), major figure in the abolitionist movement and Underground Railroad

Ida Belle Clary Wilcox (August 6, 1850 – January 26, 1928), was a missionary honoured by South Africa in 2009.[16]

Jerome J. Workman, Jr. (born on August 6, 1952), American spectroscopist, editor, author

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