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Boonville, Missouri

Boonville, Missouri

Best Known For:
Boonville is the major intersection of south and north, east and west. Boonville saw two civil war battles and two occupations; it is proud to preserve, celebrate, and recognize all of its history. Boonville features multiple historic markers throughout the town pointing out various Civil War, Lewis and Clark, and Santa Fe Trail landmarks, as well as other significant points of interest.

Year Established: 1817

Population: 8,319

What is the most surprising fact about Boonville?

Boonville was named after the Daniel Boone family because his two sons, Daniel Morgan Boone and Nathan Boone started a salt lick business across the Missouri River from the town. Learn more!

Does Boonville have any famous current or former residents?

We have several historical residents that were governors and senators in Missouri’s early history.

Walter Williams, "father of journalism," was born and raised here, starting the very first College of Journalism at the University of Missouri.

Our most recognizable residents are the Budweiser Clydesdales. Boonville is the world headquarters of the Budweiser Clydesdale breeding operation - Warm Springs Ranch - on the outskirts of town.

What do you want visitors to discover in your community?

We would consider our town to be a hidden gem. Most visitors are surprised and shocked by all there is to do here for a town our size. We have the wonderful small town feel with beautiful historic buildings and homes, and an adorable downtown featuring great shopping and dining options.

We also have some unique destinations like the Mitchell Antique Motorcar Museum featuring the largest collection of Mitchell cars and wagons in the world, and the new River, Rails and Trails Museum featuring the transportation history of the area starting with Lewis and Clark, SantaFe Trail, steamboat, railroad, and all the way to the Katy Trail. We are in the process of restoring our old MKT railroad lift span bridge to be a pedestrian bridge and the first phase is now open to walk out onto. 

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What initiatives is Boonville currently working on?

Our town has been embracing the importance of tourism and has been working on a new Visitors Center and Museum that will be open in June 2016. In addition we have created a new tourism district called the Depot District, which also includes the Mitchell Car Museum, the Visitor Center and Museum, the old restored Katy Train Depot, and the newly opened restored section of the old Katy Bridge to a pedestrian bridge. We have also broke ground on a new soccer complex to add 6 more new fields to what we already have to be able to host large regional and state tournaments. 

How many family-friendly activities are consistently offered in your community?

Boonville is world headquarters of the Budweiser Clydesdale breeding operation - Warm Springs Ranch - on the outskirts of town. Tours are given April – October almost daily, at 10am and 2pm by reservation only.

There are great historic homes tours and an old jail tour open year round. We boast the state of the art Boonville Aquatic Center, open Memorial Day through Labor Day. We have the Mitchell Antique Car Museum and a River, Rails and Trails Museum and Visitor’s Center available year round.

There is also an Isle of Capri Casino Hotel in our town as well other hotel options. Great dining, wonderfully unique shopping opportunities, and a historic downtown characterize Boonville. A self guided walking tour of the town includes the newly restored section of the Katy Bridge over the Missouri River.

Is there an element of Boonville that would earn a nomination for Ripley's Believe it or Not?

We do have a few interesting historical claims as far as the longest running jail in Missouri, from 1848-1978, the oldest paved road this side of the Mississippi River, and the oldest theatre still in use this side of the Allegany Mountains, built in 1855.

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