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Guymon, Oklahoma

Guymon, Oklahoma

Best Known For:
In addition to being known for a wide variety of festivals, agriculture, and pioneer tradition; Guymon's population is incredibly diverse, being home to residents from every continent.

Year Established: 1901

Population: 11,500

What is the most surprising fact about Guymon?

Guymon is home to immigrants and refugees from nearly every continent, with 25 languages and dialects spoken in Guymon schools today.

Do you have any famous residents?

Texas County - of which Guymon is the seat - is called the Saddle Bronc Capitol of the World & several World Champion Saddle Bronc riders reside in Guymon.

What are the biggest annual events in your town?

Pioneer Days has been going for over 85 years and celebrates our Pioneer heritage with a huge PRCA rodeo (one of the largest in the world), mercantile, carnival, parade, free breakfast, trail riders, and much more. Stay up to date via the event's Facebook page!

The second Sunday in August is the annual Azuma: An African Celebration. Held downtown, you can spend the day taking in traditional dancing, listening to African music, and hearing fascinating stories that have been passed down for generations. Don't miss out on trying some great cuisine from a number of different African countries including South Sudan, Ethiopia and Eretria.

What do you want visitors to discover or visit in your community?

Visitors should check out any of our unique festivals and events, especially the Pioneer Day Rodeo and Azuma Festival. A more unusual draw is the exceptional genealogy section at the Guymon Public Library and Arts Center

Where would you take someone on a first date in your town?

The Corral Drive-in Theatre - one of only 6 left in the state of Oklahoma.

Which superhero would most help you in downtown development efforts?

As the Norse God of thunder and lightning, Thor wields one of the greatest tools ever made, the enchanted hammer Mjolnir. While others have described Thor as an over-muscled, oafish, imbecile, he's quite smart and compassionate. He's self-assured, and he would never, ever stop fighting for a worthwhile cause. These are qualities that take downtown leadership far!

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